Big Thanks to Blastech for Choosing IUPAT DC 53 Workers!

The International Union of Painters and Allied Trades District Council 53 (IUPAT DC 53) and Blastech are proud to announce their collaboration on a transformative interstate repainting initiative. This partnership between industry leaders signifies a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community enhancement, as these organizations combine their expertise to renew and protect critical infrastructure.

Spanning from Bigley Avenue to Leon Sullivan Way on Interstate 77, this project will not only improve the visual appeal of the interstate but also to ensure its structural integrity for years to come. The partnership brings together the skilled craftsmanship of IUPAT DC 53 and the technical proficiency of Blastech, fostering an environment of unparalleled cooperation and excellence.

In addition to the collaboration between IUPAT DC 53 and Blastech on the interstate repainting initiative, another aspect of this partnership is their commitment to providing opportunities for apprentices and Job Corps students in the field. Recognizing the importance of the next generation of skilled workers, both organizations have integrated apprenticeship and training programs into the project.

Key highlights of the project include:

Waste Repurposing and Coating Application: The collaboration successfully repurposed 288,000 pounds (44 tons) of waste, reinforcing their commitment to sustainability. Reapplying 5000 gallons of tube-to-coat coating system – featuring zinc clad 4100 top coated by chalok St. 800 Hardest nails coating systems – demonstrates their dedication to advanced coating solutions.

Interior Sandblasting and Structural Strengthening: A confined space sandblasting effort targeting the interior boxes at slip critical joint areas is a testament to their commitment to structural enhancement. Progress is evident as the original 6134 square feet of interior work has been significantly reduced to 2000 square feet, showcasing their dedication to efficiency.

Comprehensive Infrastructure Care: The partnership extends beyond coating, including concrete coatings for parapets and Piers. The involvement of subcontractors like Temple for concrete repairs ensures a holistic approach, safeguarding the entire infrastructure.

Innovative Solutions: Bird netting to deter corrosive waste accumulation, alongside meticulous drainage cleaning and reflection patching, reveals the forward-thinking approach of the collaboration.

The scope of the project also extends to dealing with railroads, maintaining proper traffic control, and minimizing disruptions through diligent lane closures.

With a completion target set for November 17, the partnership’s progress is well on track. As the project moves forward, the combined efforts of IUPAT DC 53 and Blastech promise to set new benchmarks for excellence in the realm of interstate infrastructure enhancement.