IUPAT DC 53 and WV Job Corps Students Help To Transform Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Teays Valley

IUPAT DC 53 and WV Job Corps students were involved in construction of a new addition for the Teays Valley’s Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

In just a few days, what was once an empty closed off rooms, is now empty space thanks to the hard work of Job Corps students. Some of the work the students took part in was removing drywall and preparing the space for retail sales, contributing significantly to the expansion of the ReStore.

This isn’t the first time Job Corps students have volunteered with Habitat, as they helped with getting a house ready for a family in August.

“A few weeks ago, we had part of the painting students up to our construction site. So we had a great experience, and we thought this would be a good opportunity to expand our funding partnerships with them,” WV Job Corps instructor Jeremy Everson said. “After that was done, the head of Habitat came in and said we’ve got a restore store that needs some work on. This led to a complete demo rebuild of the ReStore, with WV Job Corps students taking the lead in tearing down and rebuilding.”

The partnership has expanded to involve various trades and skills, including network cable installation, camera installation, and HVAC work. Everson said he is excited about a working relationship in the future. “It’s just growing and growing to where they’re gonna be using Job Corps students as long as we produce quality students that are able to do it. It’s going to be a very great relationship between us.”

Andrew Blackwood, CEO of Habitat for Humanity shared the same thoughts. “I think it’s just an amazing opportunity for the students, we truly value their work,” Blackwood said. “This is an amazing job.”