IUPAT DC 53 Reps meet with first-year apprentices at the FTI Training Center

IUPAT DC 53 representatives from different areas shared insights and information with first-year apprentices at the FTI Training Center in Weston on Tuesday.

Apprentices had the opportunity for them to meet the reps who will help them in the field and to gain a better understanding of the role of a representative.

As part of their training, apprentices had the chance to take part in virtual training.

From virtual man lifts to simulated spray techniques, these technological advancements provide a safe and cost-effective way to enhance skills and develop muscle memory.

It also reduce the need for constant painting, saving resources and time.

These virtual methods of training offer a fun and engaging learning environment for those in the apprenticeship program.

Although nothing can replace real-life experience, these tools can help prepare apprentices for future challenges.