IUPAT DC 53 Retired Member Spotlight: Jerry Scarbro

September’s IUPAT DC 53 retired member spotlight is Jerry Scarbro!

Going from non-union jobs to joining the union over 20 years ago, Jerry is a testament of the benefits of a structured pension plan.

Retiring this past May, Jerry is able to enjoy his life after working thanks to the union.

Jerry’s early years were marked by financial instability and a lack of structure in his life. Working non-union jobs meant he had no pension, no insurance, and struggled to make ends meet.

However, his strong work ethic eventually led him to the painters union, where his life began to change for the better.

Through his years in the union, Jerry experienced the security and benefits that came with it. He paid into a pension, had access to insurance, and enjoyed the structure and stability that had been missing from his earlier years.

Jerry’s dedication to IUPAT DC 53 led him to take on the role of an agent, where he worked for 13 years, helping fellow members and ensuring they received the benefits and support they deserved.

This commitment was deeply rooted in his personal journey and the profound impact the union had on his life.

Retiring at the age of 63 and a half, Jerry now enjoys the fruits of his labor and the decisions made by those who came before him. Receiving a monthly pension check, retains an annuity, and has the financial security to live a stress-free life in retirement.

His story is a testament to the sacrifices and decisions made by those who negotiated contracts in the past to secure these benefits for current and future union members.

Jerry’s retirement is not just about personal gains but also about giving back. He recognizes the importance of sharing his experience with younger members and encouraging them to invest in a structured pension plan.

His story shows those who may be starting their journey in the union, reminding them that with dedication, time, and the support of the union, retirement with dignity is not just a dream but a reality.