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We have a new FTI website which has more information about out training center and all we have to offer. The following link will take you to our FTI website: CLICK HERE

Click the following links to learn more:

DC 53 video
Drywall Video Link
Commercial Painter Video
Industrial Painter Video
Glazier Video
Bridge Brothers Trailer
Training Schedule CLICK HERE

Changing Times

We at District  Council 53 think it is time to be seen. No matter where you look in any direction, you can see the finished products of the members that belong to the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades. Whether you are looking out of a window that our Glazers have installed or looking at a wall that the Dry Wall Finishers have finished and the Painters have either painted or put wall covering on, if you are driving down the road looking at a bridge or a factory it is a good bet that our industrial membership has sand blasted and painted them one time or another.

All other companies, businesses and even the other trades make sure that they are known and seen. We feel it is time to let the Membership, the Contractor, and the General Public know what the IUPAT stands for and what we can do for them in the way of safety training and skills training.

We have been working on a mobile training center that we can take anywhere to do the training that is required by the members of the IUPAT and here it is, we will not hide any more.

DC 53
Charleston WV
(304)343 8250


NACE classes are periodically offered at the FTI Training Center in Weston throughout the year.  Call 681-340-7629 or email lposey@iupatdc53.org for more information.

image004We have a 96,000 sq ft state-of-the-art training center in Weston WV located at 117 Label Lane.

image006We are dedicated to providing the most state of the art, true to life training center there is to offer. We have constructed a 65 ft. long bridge that sits 11 ft. off the ground so we will be able to teach rigging and the building of containments for abatement and painting.

image008_000We also have installed two 100 barrel tanks to accommodate our members that work in plants and other industries. These also double as our confined space simulators for the OSHA training that we provide.


There is a 152 ft high water tower on the grounds that we use for training as well, not only getting members used to heights but painting too.

image012We train in scaffolding, man lifts, and the use of ski-climbers


To insure that we stay up on the latest training equipment we have teamed up with Marshall Community College and installed two state of the art Virtual Reality training machines for paint spraying and sand blasting.  These will let our members learn how to paint without wasting materials or harming the environment.


With all of this we have to offer this is the most complete training center we have to offer. Combined along with our other training areas,

Commercial Paint


Hydro and Vac


Any member who would like to learn new skills or just polish up on the ones they all ready have are always more than welcome to attend these classes. Please note that classes may change do to the weather or other unforeseen problems, you will be notified of classes or class changes with the new W.A.R.N. phone service we have installed for the district council. Our training class schedule and times can be found by clicking the link above.