IUPAT DC 53 Member Spotlight: Dalton Asbury

The IUPAT DC 53 Member Spotlight of September is Dalton Asbury, who is versatile and adaptable, along with bringing a wealth of skills and experiences to the table as an opposition general laborer. Dalton has been a member of IUPAT DC 53 for a year now, joining in September 2022.

Born in Parkersburg, WV, Dalton’s learned the skills of working with hands thanks to his dad. Giving Dalton the value of hard work, attention to detail and having a jack of all trades mindset on the job site.

“My dad was in the construction field and from him I learned how to build mantels, cabinets, laying tile and drywall. He was an artisan in his craft,” Asbury said. “The one story he always told me was when he was working a job as a carpenter. He noticed that they were in need of roofers, he watched them on lunch break to get an idea of the job. He found himself the next day climbing on the roof with a rope tied to his waist. He taught me that having a jack of all trades mindset will help me in working in this type of field.”

Dalton’s commitment to continuous improvement became apparent as he navigated between contracting and company roles. He learned that working smarter, not harder, and mastering time management were essential for a sustainable and fulfilling career.

Joining IUPAT DC 53 further enriched Dalton’s career. He found a sense of pride and belonging, recognizing the union’s role in shaping favorable working conditions and advocating for better pay and benefits. Dalton embraced the notion that every member’s voice matters, and collective action can drive positive change.

“I understood and realized with the union, I had endless potential, and not having to concern myself with somebody saying that they had a problem with me,” Asbury said. “Plus, it gave me a sense of pride and a place to belong. That’s what you need.”

As Dalton reflects on his journey and contemplates his future, he emphasizes the importance of humility, hard work, and constant growth.

He recognizes that the IUPAT DC 53 provides a strong foundation that is essential for any endeavor and emphasizes the significance of building a positive reputation through dedication and professionalism.

“Every home has to have a foundation, without a steady foundation. That house is going to be useless sooner or later,” Asbury said. “IUPAT DC 53 is the foundation, they are like minded individuals that realize your hard work, determination and participation will build an everlasting future.”